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Does My Stretchy Look Good?

stretchy Wrap neko

Stretchies are great for the first months. They are affordable, light and easy to use. One of the most frequently asked questions about them is “Does my stretchy look ok?” 

Here is a visual aid and some tips for you;

  • Wearing the wrap will feel like you are wearing a t-shirt that fits your body, not too loose not too tight. Be sure you leave enough space for the baby
  • Make sure that all the airways are open
  • Your baby should be high enough to kiss the head
  • Baby’s back will be gently curved
  • Baby’s bum will be higher than the knees
  • Wrap should support the baby from one knee to the other
  • Fabric should not hang down from your shoulders, otherwise you cannot distribute the weight evenly and baby will hang down after a while
stretchy position

Here is a video showing the PWCC (Pocket wrap cross carry) with a stretchy wrap. Let me know if you have any questions after watching

Loves, Özge

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