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How Babywearing Helped Me Get Through My 4th Trimester Blues

fourth trimester blues

This month started with European Babywearing Week (4-10 May). The theme was “Fourth Trimester and Beyond” which reminded me of my first 4th trimester with my baby boy. When I think about that time now, I just look back and smile at all of them. Nothing will be the same as you expect but it will be different and easier when you are prepared.

Our son was born in March of 2013. After the birth I was feeling as if I cannot do anything if I am left alone with the baby. On the other hand I was not sleeping more than 2-3 hours because I was afraid that some will give formula to the baby without me knowing (it sounds weird but that was my mind set on those days). By time I got paler and paler because being sleep deprived and apparently I had some nursing problems. My nipple tips were damaged and finally I got mastitis (clogged milk canals results in an infection). If you plan to nurse your baby, consulting a lactation expert before and after the birth will save you from all of these.

When we saw the baby throwing dark color fluid from his mouth we ran to the pediatrician. He drank blood from the nipple and the result was normal and there was nothing to worry. What happened at that doctor visit changed my mind set and everything got better from then.

Doctor asked me “how I feel”, before that nobody was focused on me, we all were focused on the baby and he was well. Then he asked if we have a baby carrier at home. We had never thought to get one. He turned to my husband and said “You go get a baby carrier. Mum will put the baby in it and go out for a walk everyday. She and the baby will get some fresh air and do some exercise, so she can feel better. No, the carriers are not dangerous for the babies.”

My husband being an extreme investigator, did his part and got an ergonomic carrier from a web shop. First we struggled how to use it. There were too many adjustments, buckles, buttons, cap, rain cover… After we figured how to do it our daily walks were great. Here is an old photo from those days with my baby son.

When we went for a walk my son fall asleep in the carrier and I was either walking around or sitting on a bench and watching people around the park. That walks changed my perception. I started to go out everyday and in a while everything returned back to a new normal. I hope you also enjoy wearing your babies.

If you want to learn more about European Babywearing Week, have a look at their FB page;

Loves, Özge

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