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Our Virtual Mama Village


Creating a safe community in these times of the World has never been easy. It is not surprising that we have our most trusted friends from our childhood or teenage era. Living beings are more relying on the ones who have a history together. But it is definite that it is not easy to rebuild a community after you have your family and kids.

We arrived in Eindhoven in the last days of June 2018. Our first two months in the serviced apartment feels like at least six months. The days were so long and hot, I did not know anyone. I was trying to find a place to take the kids to get some fresh air and play. I found a “speeltuin” in Google Maps close to the place we live. I met my first friend there and by time discovered more and more expat families around.

Knowing and experiencing the struggles of being an expat family with small kids, we realized the need of a safe community for young parents. First the idea was to find a place and invite people around to have a coffee and talk about pre-post natal topics, share knowledge and stories, give each other advice etc. After some texting with friends from different professions we decided to launch a facebook group so we can provide focused educational information for families.

We started meeting through Zoom video calls. Talked and shared ideas about the focus group, name of the group, what we will talk about and how we will engage the public in front of us… If someone come and tell me that I will be doing this for three months with five other ladies, three of them I have never met before, I would say “no, meeting only online will not take us anywhere” but it did.

We all had different ideas about every detail but we all knew that we wanted to build a community. So the group’s name came out of the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. We wanted to give the feeling of close community to the families around us. It should include every type of parenting from different people around the world, like a rainbow having all the main colors to create the others. And yes, we thought and voted even for the colors of the logo and the group’s main page. We are so thankful for this beautiful logo, thanks to Fatih Hançer ( We just explained our philosophy, chose the colors and told the name. He created our lovely logo.

I want to introduce these ladies behind this great work, for whom I am grateful to met;


Ayşegül Demir Çorlu

Childbirth Educator and Doula - Life is weird. When we decided to move here, I was searching web for tips about life in Netherlands. I remember the day I read Ayşegül's blog page about their journey of their new life here in Netherlands. Now we are friends and working together. Visit her own page for more info:


Anastasia Psaropoulou

Holistic Midwife, breastfeeding consultant and certified infant massage instructor - What can I add? She has lots of experience and knowledge on birth and tiny babies. You can discover more from her website:

Oksana Karkhut-Willemse

Oksana Karkhut-Willemse

Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach - Can I admit that I wish I had a tiny bit of her energy? A young beautiful mum and also a sports geek 🙂 Have a look at her own facebook page:

Nicole Dawson Cullinan

Nicole Dawson Cullinan

Homoeopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner - Nicole has 20 years of experience on healthy eating and gaining healthy life habits. You can learn more about her profession from her own web page;

Nataliya Burdenya

Nataliya Burdenya

Essential Oils Educator - you can dive into the essential oils ocean with her.


When we launched our group it was a great success. We hit 100 members in less than a week. We strongly believe and experience that women become powerful when they stand together, work together, act together… Thus our first launch week’s theme was: Together we bloom. So that happened, together with our new village members we bloomed… Many many thanks to everyone for their contribution to our community.

Our facebook page is open for every mum who wants to engage to other mums. Here is a link to it:

Loves, Özge

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