Cleaning Tips For Slings&Carriers


Babies are tiny cute creatures but everyone knows that they can be very messy. When my baby girl was around six months old, my sister-in-law and her daughter were visiting us. We went to a shopping mall together. I had just started to introduce solids to my baby. On that day she had eaten a little avocado. 

After some time I gave a break for nappy change and nursing. We did what we needed to do and she was ready for a nap in the carrier. I was happily wandering around in a book store when my baby suddenly puked lots of fluid on us. There I was standing in the middle of a book store with lots of puke on me, my baby and the carrier, also on the floor of the store.

So yes, we have to wash our carriers time to time, and sometimes these kind of accidents happen just after we cleaned and ironed them nicely.

How to do so;

  • First of all, when you buy a wrap or carrier always wash before starting using it. Do not forget that so many hands touch to the products before they arrive you.
  • Be sure that you do not want to change or return the product, companies will not accept back a washed carrier. It is ok to try and be certain to keep it further use and then wash.
  • Use a little or no detergent, water will be enough to rinse off the dust and baby pukes. If it is stained or touched to oily/greasy surface try to take that of with hand washing.
  • Never ever use softener. Softeners make the webbings of carriers very slippery, this may lead unwanted changes of your carrier adjustment.
  • Use a short washing program with a mild temperature and low rpm.
  • Do not tumble dry your wraps and carriers, lay them on a surface in shade, never under direct sun.
  • You can iron wraps and the fabric parts of the carriers. Just be sure the iron is set for a mild temperature.
  • Good to have a back up carrier in case of emergency washing needed.

Here are some extra tips for different types of carriers;

  • Woven wraps; Be aware of the fabric blend. Some wraps has wool in it, and wool can get smaller in high degrees. Keep an eye on the product use labels.
  • Strechy Wraps; Some strechy wraps has ellastan in it. Do not wash them over 30 degrees of Celcius. This may damage the structure of the fabric.
  • Ring Slings; The rings are made of aluminum so they will hit to your washing machine’s drum. To prevent that you can cover them with a sock tightly.
  • Full/Half Buckle Carriers; It is always wise to use a washing bag. If you do not have one just put your carrier in a pillow case. This will prevent buckles to hit the drum. Be sure all the buckles are closed. This way both your buckles and your drum will be safe.
  • Carriers with velcro; Some carriers are adjusted through velcro sticky pads. Be sure that you cover all velcro part before washing. The sticky padding must be covered like the second photo. You will readjust the waist band after your carrier is dried.

Enjoy wearing your baby and stay clean as much as possible 😉

Loves, Özge


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