My First Meitai


When we were waiting for our second baby I was in a more conscious mind set. I mean I knew what I liked what I am going to use more and what I missed to do with a newborn 🤱🏻

Apart from lovely maternity clothes the only thing that I was sure to use was my carrier. My baby was going to be an autumn baby so I already bought a babywearing coat before she arrived. By that time one of my friend borrowed my previous carrier for her second baby and she was done with it. After I gave birth to our daughter she promised to stop by and bring back the carrier. I was so exited to use it again so I was also wondering what is new in the market. Another friend advised me to join “Babywearing Türkiye” facebook group to see new mums’ references and experiences about babywearing. So I did and started to learn about new types of carriers…

They were talking about how good woven fabrics wrap the baby and feels way different than using any other carrier. I was not confident enough to try that because it was almost 5 mt long fabric, not something cheap and also there were no sling libraries or babywearing consultants to learn more and try other things. If you wanted to try you should buy it from the market (which did not have many options by that time). Some ladies were wearing meitais which is structured like a baby carrier but without buckles. Instead of buckles it has tails on its waist and on the shoulders that you tie them.

There was a young and talented lady sewing meitais. She was using really pretty printed material on the panel and had different types of fabrics which were more affordable. I wanted to give it a try and bought one and did not tell to my husband 🙈It is not because he would be mad at me but I was not sure about whether I would like it and use it for long time or it was just a waste of time and money. I started to use and learn it secretly. Here is a comparison of my first try and the time I did it right.


My First Try

Shoulders are hanging, Baby's back is not covered


The Time I Made It Correct

Shoulder straps are tightened properly, Baby's back is supported up to neck

We really liked the feeling and use of that meitai. Knowing my interest and growing love of babywearing my husband got me another one (my favourite design) for my birthday. You can imagine how happy I was. From that time on they become my favourite carriers. My first meitai even helped me to find new friends but that is another story for later.

I advise meitai and half buckles to people who;  

  • are not comfortable with full buckle carriers’ shoulder straps,
  • find difficult to buckle the chest strap of buckle
  • want the comfort of a wrap but does not want to bother with different carry types
  • has relatively week back, cross pass of shoulder tails give extra support to the care giver
  • does not like a structured hard waist belt of full buckle carriers
  • are wondering and willing to use it

Of course again there are lots of different types and brands out on the market. However the main principles apply to all of them. To show how to adjust and use a meitai I have created a video. In this video first I show how to adjust a meitai (if it is an adjustable one) and then how to wear it.

Enjoy wearing your baby everyday

Loves, Özge

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