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An Alternative Method to Click The Chest Strap


There is quite a wide range of full buckles to choose from. Most of them are secured with a small buckle on your back. These small buckles prevents the straps to fall from your shoulders. However this is not the only use of it.

The position of this buckle has a great impact on your comfort while you carry your little one. If it is too high it gets uncomfortable on your neck, if it is too low your shoulder straps will loosen and you will feel more pressure on your back. 

Some brands have a rail to pull it down after you click it (as in Boba 4G). But you do not need a rail to adjust it.

Some caregivers find it difficult to click this small buckle on their back. If you find it difficult, here is an alternative method for you. This is called the “T-shirt” method. 

Follow the steps below;

✅ Buckle the waist band,

✅ Click the back buckle before you get your baby,

✅ Loosen the straps as much as you can so there will be enough space,

✅ Get your baby and spread the panel fa bric on baby’s back,

✅ Wear the shoulder straps and guide the buckle on your back,

✅ Tighten the straps,

Check the video below for reference and let me know if you have any questions.

Have fun!

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