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Toddler Wearing in Daily Life


The fourth trimester is the period our babies needs us the most. After the birth, day by day they adapt the new world around them. When our babies are ready to interact the outer world we should let them to explore more and more. More tummy time, feeling different objects, looking in the mirror… The more they are ok to experience new things, the less sling carries we have. When they start walking most of the time they reject being in a carrier. However when little legs get tired, a new teeth is coming, after throwing a tantrum, when they get sick, etc. Carriers become our rescue jackets again and again…
One evening it was almost bedtime but our daughter was refusing to go to bed. She was insisting to go to the forest to see the rabbits 🐰🐰🐰
There were no rabbits in our neighborhood…
Instead of saying “NO” I told her that we could do that if she agreed to come with the carrier. We did so and half an hour later I was at home with a sleeping beauty. All she needed was to calm down and relax, which is always possible in her safe place.

Some days are harder than others. They get every signal around and do not know what to do with the new knowledge they have. Yes they can walk by themselves but they still need the closeness from us. Growing up is hard, yeah?
And the family walks, we love them but she gets tired after some running. I can add museum & zoo visits, travels, especially in airports, it is always safe and secure to have your toddler on your back waiting in the long queues…

Enjoy wearing your toddlers

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