What is a sling library?

Sling library, is babywearing consultant’s treasure chest 🙂

There are too many brands and variations of carriers and wraps out there. We, consultants, try to keep as many different carrying systems as possible to show different possiblities to our families. In other words it is our money, time and experience invested in to these libraries. 

I deeply care about the diversity in my library. I try to keep the library up to date so my clients could try as much as possible. On the other hand, I am not a collector. I cannot have each and every wrap/carrier. We have enough to learn and practice together.

If the carrier you are looking for is not on the list below, let me know. This way I can borrow from VDC’s library and you can see them in our session. 

Sling library

Here are the carriers you can find in my library


  • Neko – Size 6
  • Woven Wings – Size 5
  • Sensimio – Size 7
  • Neko Stretchy wrap
  • Didymos – Size 2
  • Neko – Size 5
  • Neko – Size 7
  • Nuna – Size 7

Ring Slings;

  • Neko – Unique Ayaz Glitter
  • Didymos – Double face Anthracite
  • Little Frog – Rainbow
  • Neko – Water Sling

Full buckles;

  • Tula Free to Grow
  • Boba 4G
  • Boba X
  • Hoppediz – Primeo
  • Bykay – Classic Click
  • Neko Switch – Baby Size
  • Neko Switch – Toddler Size
  • Isara – The One
  • Isara – Quick Full Buckle

Half buckles & Meitai;

  • Neko – Halfbuckle Baby Size
  • Neko – Halfbuckle Toddler Size
  • Huggyberry – Halfbuckle Toddler Size
  • Neko Meitai Baby Size 
  • Neko Meitai Toddler Size
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