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Are you curious how to carry your little one safely & ergonomically? Perhaps you are looking for a life changing gift for your pregnant/new mom friend. I am more than happy to help and answer your questions.

Consultancy Sessions

Babywearing consultants help families to wear their most precious jewelery, their babies... Let's find the best way of babywearing for you and your little ones. We can work one-to-one or meet online. Follow Vira Sling for coming workshops or contact to organize one together...

Babywearing is
for everyone

Let babywearing take you anywhere…┬áIt is not ony for newborns and mothers. Babywearing is for everyone and can help you anywhere, during shopping, on the holiday, in the airport. It is also great for bonding for every member in the family…


Here you can read about tips&tricks about babywearing, newborn life, toddler life, carrier reviews and a bit of our life with kids. Let me know about the topics you would like to know more...

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