About Vira Sling

Hi, my name is Özge. I am a mother of two (Rüzgar & Deniz). After working as an engineer for ten years we welcomed our second baby.  Babywearing helped me a lot to rejoin into daily life with my newborn. I could take care of both the new baby and my four year old at the same time. 

In 2018 our journey to the Netherlands started. The same year, Vira Sling was born. After a short time we joined forces with Neko Slings and Vira Sling became the distributor of Neko Slings in the Benelux area. 

I completed my babywearing consultant certificate with Die Trageschule. I am happy to help and answer your questions about babywearing and about our beautiful products.

About Neko Slings

Neko Slings is the first registered trademark in Turkey to manufacture woven babywearing goods since 2012.

Our name “neko” means “cat” in Japanese. We are inspired by how mother cats carry their kittens naturally with ease and care. Babywearing is instinctive. Our unique motivation is to ensure mothers carry their babies with the same ease and instinctive elegance.

Our story begins with the production of stretchy slings and sling covers. We grew stronger with the addition of our own woven wrap slings line starting from 2015. This naturally followed by distributorships and retailers in Europe and around the World. Our distinctive quality that parts us with most, is the quality of our thread and weaving. Our line of sling collections that has a tempting sensation of oriental vibe, has been manufactured in Turkey with the utmost quality of thread and weaving. That is why ancient civilizations have become our muse in our search to find the right names for the collections. 

Certification is particularly important for us. Thus, we only work with GOTS certified thread and use GOTS certified looms. We work with a fully professional team at every stage of the production. Neko does not work with third party producers. Every single team member works under Neko roof with legal and social rights.

Our products are being shipped to babywearing consultants and testers. We care deeply about their feedback.

You are welcome to our journey of babywearing.