At the beginning babywearing could be overwhelming. Too many brands, too many options and too many possible ways to carry your baby…

Babywearing consultants help you to find your way through this labyrinth of unknowns. Your question could be “which carrier to choose for your newborn” or “how to tie a woven wrap” or “how to use a ring sling” . We will help you with your questions.

Why to Book a Consultation?

Certified consultants go through a training period of 3 steps, each of them lasts at least three days. We prepare homeworks, pass exams, read books and keep up-to date information about babywearing. We invest on this profession time, money and energy. By booking a consultation you do not only benefit from these knowledge but also our gained experience through the years working with many families.

A consultation session is the time when you will have my full attention only focused on your needs. That’s why I ask questions before we meet; to understand your needs and be prepared according to them.

How Does it Work?

Through our session we will use a special demo doll to practice the tie/carrier. We will follow the three basic steps of carrying one by one; preparing the carrier/wrap, putting the baby into the carrier and finally getting the baby out of it. I will first show the steps with a demo doll, then we will do it together again with demo dolls. We can of course repeat these steps if needed.

At the end of the session I will give you a step by step outline of the tie we practiced so you can turn back and have a look when you want to try by yourself.


How long does a session last?
A consultation session lasts for between 90-120 min. This time is enough for us to cover the selected topic. You can always ask your que
How much does a session cost?

I charge 60€ for a 90-120min consultation.

What happens if we exceed the expected session time?
I charge 10€/15min for our overtime. If our session exceeds its expected time I will prepare the invoice accordingly.
Can we book a session with friends?

It is possible to book a group consultation. You can learn together with your friends. To do so, the topic should be the same, ie; carrying with a ring sling, tying a fwcc with a woven wrap, back carry with a SSC etc. For time and price, please contact me.

Can I carry my twins?

Yes, you can carry your twins or two little kids at the same time. I can help you to discover the different ways. Because there are many different options, I will prepare a document with 4-5 possible combinations and we can work on two of them in our one-to-one time.

Can we meet online?

Online consultations are possible. I charge 7€/15min for our online meetings. You can ask anything about babywearing in our meeting. We can work on your existing carrier or I can give advice about different types of carriers depending on your preferences.

I bought a carrier from this website, can you help me?

Yes, definitely. When you purchase a carrier via, you can book a 20min free online consultation with your order number. I will explain step by step how to adjust and use your carrier. You can email to: [email protected]


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