About the sessions;

No, definitely not. During the sesion we use special babywearing demo dolls. If you want to try with your baby at the end of our sesion I will guide you and we will look at the end result together.

I charge 10€/15min. If our session exceeds its expected time I will prepare the invoice accordingly.

It is possible to book a group consultation. You can learn together with your friends. To do so, the topic should be the same, ie; carrying with a ring sling, tying a fwcc with a woven wrap, back carry with a SSC etc. For time and price, please contact me.

Online consultations are possible. I charge 7€/15min for our online meetings. You can ask anything about babywearing in our meeting. We can work on your existing carrier or I can give advice about different types of carriers depending on your preferences.

Yes, definitely. When you purchase a Neko carrier via, you can book a 30min free online consultation with your order number. I will explain step by step how to adjust and use your carrier. You can email to: [email protected]

About carrying your kid;

Yes, you can carry your twins or two little kids at the same time. I can help you to discover the different ways. Because there are many different options, I will prepare a document with 4-5 possible combinations and we can work on two of them in our one-to-one time.

You bought a carrier and tried to use it. You experienced one or more of these; your baby cried a lot, you did not feel comfortable, baby’s position does not seem allright, you are not sure how to adjust it…

We can meet for a short consultation and find a solution to the problem

You can hire a carrier from my library. Get in contact for more information.