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Good Positioning in a Fullbuckle Carrier

Good positioning

Do you ever find yourself thinking “I like to carry my baby but after a while my back/neck hurts”. I hear you…

You may have the fanciest carrier but still feel pain on your back. Actually, it is not about the brand/model of the carrier but about the positioning of your baby in that carrier.

First let’s accept that there are hundreds of different carriers and there is not only “one” carrier to fit all types of people. Can you imagine everyone wearing the same cut jeans? It is always a good idea to find a consultant with a range of different carriers and then decide to buy one that suits your needs and fits your form well.

Let’s come to the main point. You decided and bought a carrier with an ergonomic posture. How to wear it to achieve comfort both for you and for your baby?

Here are some tips;

Position of the waist belt;

  • The belt should be parallel to the ground
  • Do not leave a gap between belt and your belly
  • Tighten enough to keep it on place after you place your baby in the carrier
  • If you feel over pressure on your spine you should loosen it a bit
  • The height of the belt is determined by how big your baby is, your baby’s head should be high enough to kiss easily when you bend your head down
  • See how a newborn and a six month old baby sit in the same type of carrier

Position of the baby;

  • Do not let your baby sit on the top of the waist belt. He should be positioned half a centimeter below the top, inside the panel fabric.
  • Be sure the baby is at the middle of the panel
  • The fabric must cover baby’s bottom from one knee to the other
  • The panel fabric should cover the baby’s back till his neck

Good positioning

The shoulder straps and chest belt;

  • Tighten the straps properly. If you lean forward a bit your baby should not fall away from you.
  • The chest belt (small buckle at the back of your carrier) should stay around the bra line. If it is too high it will put extra pressure on your neck.
  • The length of the chest belt can also be adjusted at so many models, find the best length for yourself by trying.

Your posture is also very important. If your carrier is well adjusted you will not feel the need to lean towards your back. Do not be afraid to play with your carrier. Wear your baby and enjoy the baby smell.

Loves, Özge

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